Modern Slavery

Slavery is not something that we naturally think about in the 21st century. However, millions of people the world over, are currently victims of modern-day slavery. It’s likely that you would never know who these people are, for they are the “unseen” in our communities. From your local takeaway, car wash or beauty salon, it could be that they are even working for you, without your knowledge.

Unseen UK describes modern day slavery by the following:

  • Forced to work through verbal, physical or mental threats;
  • Controlled or owned by an ‘employer’, through physical or mental abuse;
  • Dehumanisation, through the act of sale or purchase as property;
  • Physically restrained, or controls on his/her freedom.

Freedom is a human right; every person has his/her right to make their own choices about how to live their lives. It is therefore important that we utilise our privileged station in life and strive to look after those less fortunate than us, maintaining vigilance to root-out the perpetrators and businesses who carry out these terrible acts.

Facts & Figures:

  • In 2016 there was an estimated 40.3 million people worldwide in modern slavery.
  • 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world.
  • 1 in 4 victims are children.
  • 24.9 million victims of forced labour; 16 million in private sector (domestic work, construction & agriculture); 4.8 million victims forced into sexual exploitation; and 4 million victims forced into labour by state authorities.

Read our full Modern Slavery Policy to see our commitment to reducing modern slavery.

For further information on modern slavery, or if you think you know someone who might be a victim, please contact

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