We’ll match or beat any established, UK registered and based, design or web agency

Our Price Pledge

How Our Price Pledge Works:

Our Pledge To You!
1. Receive a quote with a lower price
2. Send us a copy & tell us about it
3. We will match or beat their price

It’s that simple!

There are lots of design agencies in the UK, and we want you to feel confident that as a client, you’re getting the best creative work, unhindered by the standard flat agency rates – That’s why we offer our Price Pledge to you.

If you believe that you can get better value with another agency, then let us know. We’ll match or beat what you’ve been offered. Even if you have a bespoke job, that’s not so simple, then just send us a copy of the scope of work and costings, and we’ll match, or beat it!

This offer is subject to the provision of a written quote by an established, UK-registered and based design or web agency, provided within the last 30 days. Subject to like for like the scope of work, including turnaround time, and our terms of business. Excludes quotes by freelancers or 3rd party agents acting on behalf of non-UK-based designers or developers.


Read more here: https://rileyscott.co.uk/our-price-pledge/

Eric leads our creative team, overseeing our studio and client management. He brings over 23 years of experience working and managing his own successful agency, specialising FMCG, Retail and Pharma. He brings a true entrepreneurial spirit to the table, with a duty to honesty and integrity.


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